Genuine Kia Parts



  Genuine Kia Parts Are Built
Specifically For Your Kia

Genuine Kia Parts are built for your Kia - body panels match
up perfectly, brakes stop as designed, and high quality
materials help reduce corrosion and wear.  Protect your
investment and always ask for Genuine Kia Parts for the 
perfect fit and finish

Not All Parts Are Created Equal
It can be difficult to know all the different types of auto parts you'll encounter in today's repair marketplace. Below are some terms you might come across working with independent repair facilities and insurance companies.

Aftermarket Parts
Aftermarket parts are manufactured and supplied by a company other than Kia. Aftermarket parts suppliers work to create their own product by copying a Genuine Kia Part, but have no affiliation with actual Genuine Kia Parts. Aftermarket parts may not have been tested for proper function or were not approved by Kia for use on Kia vehicles. These parts are not covered by any Kia warranties.

Salvage Parts
Salvage parts are parts which are usually obtained from wrecked or totaled vehicles or vehicles which have been disposed of after their useful lives. Their origin and use is unknown. With no history, it's possible that the reliability and fit may have been compromised. These parts are not covered by any Kia warranties. Salvage parts may also be referred to as "Like Kind and Quality."

Counterfeit Parts
Counterfeit parts are usually designed to deceive consumers by copying the appearance of Genuine Kia Parts, but are not made for, nor distributed by Kia. Often sourced from distributors outside the country, these parts may look identical or be boxed similarly to Genuine Kia Parts, but are not. Counterfeit parts are likely untested for vehicle safety, fit, or function.

Your One-Stop Shop For Genuine Kia Parts
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Oil Filters
  • Cabin Air Filters

  • Batteries
  • Windsheild Wipers
  • Service Fluids
  • Engine Air Filters

    **Kia Genuine replacement parts (except battery) installed by an Authorized Kia Dealer under warranty are covered for the greater of (1) the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or (2) the first 12 months from the date of installation of the Kia Genuine replacement parts or 12,000 miles.
    1. Greenway Automotive Group - KIA

    2. Greenway Kia of Franklin

      1413 Murfreesboro Rd.
      Franklin, TN 37067

      • Sales: (615) 224-7973
    3. Greenway Kia East

      8701 E Colonial Dr
      Orlando, FL 32817

      • Sales: (407) 275-3200
    4. Greenway Kia of Hickory Hollow

      5406 Target Dr
      Antioch, TN 37013

      • Sales: (615) 731-0099
    5. Greenway Kia North

      625 N Us Highway 17 92
      Longwood, FL 32750

      • Sales: (407) 275-3200
    6. Greenway Kia of the Shoals

      4109 N Jackson Hwy
      Sheffield, AL 35660

      • Sales: (256) 978-1000
    7. Greenway Kia of Rivergate

      1536 Gallatin Pike North
      Madison, TN 37115

      • Sales: (615) 860-9888
    8. Greenway Kia West

      3407 W Colonial Dr
      Orlando, FL 32808

      • Sales: (407) 275-3200
    9. University KIA

      6519 University Drive NW
      Huntsville, AL 35806

      • Sales: (407) 275-3200
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